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Bryan Cranston has been cast as a disabled man in the movie “The Upside,” sparking a conversation about representation in Hollywood.

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Finally made my first Bluetooth enabled Android App prototype for using module. Using existing sensors in smartphones and their accessibility features can open new doors without the need to purchase new hardware.

Vortrag über die Besonderheiten im Umgang mit Menschen mit körperlichen Behinderungen bei der Hochschule der Polizei. Der Saal ist voll mit interessierten Studierenden.

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tag yourself I'm reserved for future use

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The Datasaurus Dozen Dataset.

A cautionary tale for anyone analyzing data!

All 12 graphs, each have the same mean and variance for both variables, and the same correlation coefficient.


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Dialektik: Ich finde diesen Jürgen ja lustig. Sehr sogar. Ob es eine gute Idee war, ihm endlich das Internet zu geben? Ja. Ob es gut für die Gesellschaft war, dass dies endlich getan wurde? Ich fürchte unterm Strich eher nein.

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Rainbow phoenix latte art☕️

By Coffee Mang Sensei

Das ist insofern interessant, als das @_genofee@twitter.com und ich in Chiang Mai auch in einem Massagesalon waren, in dem ehemalige weibliche Häftlinge arbeiten. Eigentlich finde ich das ein ganz spannendes soziales Projekt zur Reintegration...
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What stage of capitalism is this https@_genofee@twitter.comIcxPHnvfD

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Oha, gerade erst bahn.guru/ entdeckt, wo man gezielt nach Sparpreisen bei der Deutschen Bahn suchen kann. Kam als Hinweis nach meinem letzten Blogpost-Rant über die Preise Bahn vs. Fliegen rein. Danke für den Hinweis!

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I watched this video like 4 times ... where the fuck can I buy this stuff from

Playing with my HMC Mini from my electric . Thanks to my adapter box, which makes it possible to connect the joystick as a game controller to the PC via USB. The adapter makes use of an Arduino Leonardo to process the signals from the joystick. I programed the microcontroller myself and got some help from the people from the for the wiring and development of the circuit.. A big thank for that!


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This piece of art from Thomas Deininger is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen.

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Imagine how different the world would be if we didn't all have to focus on "money to live," and could instead focus on the truly meaningful work that we actually want to do because it actually needs to be done, and being able to focus on it could change the world.

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Lachkick. Das muss der Untergang des Abendlandes sein von dem alle sprechen.

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This is what a tiger’s skin looks like when it is shaved

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Recently I’ve seen many rumors and lies circulating about me. And enormous amounts of hate.
So I’ve written a text to make some things clear about my school strike.

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