#mastoadmins #mastoadmin #mastodev I have a question about a broken #Mastodon instance,maybe someone can help.The admin of embassy.social told me that he deleted many rows from the users table of his database because there were many users without toots or followers.Now the instance is broken in a way that no new user rows can be created,affecting federation in a way that no posts from users the instance hasn't seen before can arrive and following/getting followed by unknown users doesn't work,too.We were investigating this problem just now but we didn't find a solution to repair the instance.Here is the part of a log file,we get dozens of errors of this type per minute: paste.bka.li/view/c68f6cfd Maybe someone can help here?

I've just had an idea: it seems like the user id -99 is somehow hardcoded as 'representative' when the actual account is not found locally by username and domain - thus the name of the method. Maybe there is usually a dummy row with that id in the users table, which is being inserted on setup - and I deleted that one. It would have met my search criteria for the DELETE statement, as it wouldn't have any toots, follows, blocks etc since it is only a dummy record.

Can someone check with
SELECT * FROM users WHERE id=-99;


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