TIL: never ever go with when travelling in the US. Worst train company existing on the whole planet. And I am used to bad service from Deutsche Bahn...

Our train is delayed by 5 hours (!) because of a fatal incident on the tracks and now we'll miss our connecting bus to our final destination, which was the last service. So we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Compensation? Transport alternatives? Nope. "We are not responsible...". This is really, really ridiculous.

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It even gets worse: turns out there is no wheelchair accessible taxi in Merced County whatsover. Where is the ADA when you need it?

So, we talked the agent at the station to give us a hotel room closeby. Well, meaning 4 km away. I drove there with my wheelchair on high speed and Grit took a taxi which drove behind me.

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There were many other hotels on the way, much closer to the station, but Amtrak chose the one one which seems the furthest away. Convenient. Not.

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