Dear Internet, do you know the interior dimensions of typical minivans as they are in the US (Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sianna, Kia Carnival ...). It is mainly about the clear height and width of the rear sliding doors or the tailgate. In addition, it would be good to know on which models you can simply take out the back seat. I would like to know if I can get into the vehicle with my wheelchair (via a ramp). Thanks for any info and also for sharing!

@thalon for back seat, probably avoid the chrysler ones, since they tend to have "stow & go" rear seats, in which the back seat folds into the bottom of the trunk

fwiw consumer reports doesn't appear to document the dimensions you're asking about, although the call out the sienna for having "a factory-outfitted handicap version that includes a second-row seat that rotates 90 degrees, scoots out and lowers itself"

@thalon car & driver might have more dimensions for you

@bonzoesc thank you! My intend is to hire one in the US for a road trip during our vacation, so I can't expect a special version.. and although there are wheelchair adapted vans for rent, they are much too extensive andthere are other caveats, so I'd prefer to get a standard one..

@thalon sounds like a fun time, minivans are great for road trips!

My experience with rental cars varies depending on which agency and the size of airport. Big airports usually have a lot of choices within a category (last time I rented a minivan in Seattle they had a bunch of Chryslers, some Kias, and a Toyota), and some agencies (National, maybe Hertz) at those big airports let you pick your car.

@bonzoesc we'll land in Portland, OR. Hopefully, I can find some suitable van there...

@thalon This thing I found is obviously biased to sell their van mods, but maybe it's still useful a little bit.

@gemlog yep, this is totally biased a:d they are absolutely exaggregating - but admittably hilariously funny! And there's one truth it: door width and height might be a problem. But why can't they just tell measuements then? See, for me it might or might not be a problem. Sitting in the chair, I'm only 44" (110 cm) high and the chair is 26" (65 cm) wide, so it could actually fit.

@thalon Well, they are doing it on purpose to reel you in I guess.

2019 Best Minivan Canada: Top Models & Offers

The keyword 'dimensions' seems to help.
Cargo Box (Area) Height : in 48.6
Rear Door Opening Height : in N/A
Rear Door Opening Width : in N/A
was not helpful. Weird they would hide that information.
Sorry bud, that's about the best I can do short of wandering around town with a measuring tape and a friendly face...

@thalon I don't think there's a typical interior dimension anymore, but you can usually find the specs for any make and model online. You'll probably want to stay away from Chrysler-FIAT, though, everything they've made in the last few years is hot garbage.

@BalooUriza Oh, just to clarify: I don't want to buy the van, I only need it for a vacation in the US as a hire van...

@thalon Oh, well, that opens your options. The Dodge and Chrysler are the same van just different nameplates, if you're going someplace hot or steep I'd be concerned about overheating. If you're renting, go with Kia or Honda if you can get it, those things are wildly popular rentals, and the Toyota is definitely still a strong contender.

@thalon I'm a little in the weak on this but I can try to point you at a better starting point. Do you need a driver and a ramp or lift required?

@BalooUriza yes and no. My girlfriend drihes and in general we need a ramp but I found proper wheelchair adapted vans to rent to be a rip off. So we decided to try a normal minivan with a portable ramp

@thalon OK, well, if you can work without a ramp and load yourself into the front seat or have your own ramp, the Honda or Kia is probably going to work best. If you're able to return the van to the same place you're picking it up, then odds are high they'll work with you about leaving a row of seating behind to help you out. They might do it anyway out of ADA requirements but call ahead.

@thalon about the only one of the vans suggested that'll age well is the Toyota, possibly the Kia.

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